2020 Aussie Millions

A$25,000 Challenge
Jours 1
Event Info

2020 Aussie Millions

Event Info
25,000 AUD
Prize Pool
4,056,000 AUD
Joueurs Survivants
Tapis moyen
Jetons au total
Info Niveau
20,000 / 40,000
Info Joueurs - Jour 1
Joueurs Survivants

O'Dwyer Tops 33 Survivors on Day 1 of the A$25,000 Challenge; Rheem and Sinclair Among Big Stacks

Niveau 12 : 2,000/4,000, 4,000 ante
Jack Sinclair Among the Big Stacks After Day 1
Jack Sinclair Among the Big Stacks After Day 1

The second High Roller event of the 2020 Aussie Millions has gathered the interest of High Roller regulars from near and far who all headed to the poker room of the Crown Casino complex in Melbourne to take part in the A$25,000 Challenge.

One year ago, the very same tournament attracted a field of 151 entries and that was surpassed thanks to 169 entries, which generated a prize pool of A$4,056,000. Reaching the seven-handed final table guarantees a payday of A$131,820 and the winner will walk away with A$1,074,840 and the ANTON Jewellery Championship ring.

After six levels of 40 minutes each and six levels of 60 minutes each, the field was cut down to just 33 survivors and Steve O'Dwyer was the only player to bag up more than half a million in chips, topping the leaderboard with 560,000. Chino Rheem follows in second place with 486,000, George Wolff is right on his heels with 478,000 to complete the overnight podium.

Other notables with above-average stacks in a field with High Roller regulars from all over the world are the 2018 WSOP Europe Main Event champion Jack Sinclair (415,500), Sam Greenwood (395,000), Dietrich Fast (354,500), Chin Wei Lim (324,000), Koray Aldemir (318,500), and Kenny Hallaert (259,000).

Among those to bust without anything to show for were defending champion Rainer Kempe, Dan Smith, Ben Lamb, Sam Grafton, Stephen Chidwick, Erik Seidel, Timothy Adams, Manig Loeser, and Michael Addamo. Kahle Burns arrived in Melbourne to become one of the latest entries but couldn't find a bag for Day 2, same also applied for the 2020 Aussie Millions champions Jorryt van Hoof and Sherif Derias.

A$25,000 Challenge Payouts

PlacePayout (AUD)Payout (USD)

When the cards went in the air, more than 50 players were already seated and the field grew bigger by the minute. Several High Rollers had arrived in Melbourne to take part in the Aussie Millions for the first time such as Orpen Kisacikoglu, Martin Zamani, Ivan Deyra, Andras Nemeth, and Matthias Eibinger to name just a few.

Things looked promising for Eibinger and Kempe when they nearly doubled their stacks, but the former lost a big pot with jacks against the king-queen suited of A$25,000 PLO High Roller third-place finisher Najeem Ajez and Kempe ended up second-best with pocket tens against quads deuces on his first bullet. Eibinger busted shortly after the registration closed and Kempe could not spin up his stack in th second attempt either.

Shortly before the dinner break, Bart Lybaert took over the top spot after dominating his six-handed table and sending Richard Sheils to the rail when both flopped top pair. Lybaert was unable to keep up the momentum but ended up with an above-average stack nonetheless while others such as Steve O'Dwyer, Chino Rheem and George Wolff pulled ahead of him.

For the 2018 Aussie Millions Main Event champion Toby Lewis, the near-endless streak of success in Melbourne seemed to continue but the Brit came up short with ace-queen against the ace-king of Chin Wei Lim to depart in the final level of the night. Other notables such as Sam Grafton, Mikita Badziakouski, and David Yan also vanished prior to bagging and tagging.

All remaining 33 players will return to their seats on Thursday, January 16th, 2020, as of 2.30 p.m. local time to determine a champion. The blinds will recommence at 2,500-5,000 with a big blind ante of 5,000 and the levels will remain 60-minutes long. Stay tuned to find out who will earn the first seven-figure payday of the 2020 Aussie Millions, as the PokerNews team will be on the floor to provide all the action.

Day 2 Seat Draw

TableSeatPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
71Tyron KrostAustralia218,00044
72Nicholas WrightAustralia165,00033
73Jack SinclairUnited Kingdom415,50083
74Derek IpHong Kong287,00057
75Vincent HuangAustralia82,00016
81Bart LybaertBelgium354,50071
82Michael ZhangUnited Kingdom90,50018
84Farid JattinColombia178,50036
85Justin LibertoUnited States309,00062
86Masato YokosawaJapan337,50068
101Nick PupilloUnited States145,00029
102Koray AldemirGermany318,50064
103Martin ZamaniUnited States236,00047
104Elio FoxUnited States131,50026
105Sam GreenwoodCanada395,00079
106Sam HiggsAustralia226,00045
141George WolffUnited States478,00096
142Alex TrevallionAustralia256,50051
143Steve O'DwyerIreland560,000112
144Najeem AjezAustralia341,50068
145Igor YaroshevskyyUkraine288,00058
146Nino UllmannGermany195,00039
161Spiros MaroulisAustralia212,00042
162Joshua DuceAustralia155,50031
163Ami BarerCanada190,00038
164Yake WuChina166,00033
165Dietrich FastGermany378,00076
166Seth DaviesUnited States59,50012
171Kenny HallaertBelgium259,00052
172Geoffrey MooneyAustralia64,00013
173Tom RaffertyAustralia168,50034
174Chino RheemUnited States486,00097
175Chin Wei LimMalaysia324,00065

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Lewis Rivered by Lim to Bust A$25,000 Challenge

Niveau 12 : 2,000/4,000, 4,000 ante
Toby Lewis
Toby Lewis

Toby Lewis was all in for 174,000 and was only just covered by Chin Wei Lim who sat with 179,000.

Toby Lewis: {a-}{q-}
Chin Wei Lim: {a-Spades}{k-Hearts}

Lewis flopped a pair on the {8-Hearts}{j-Spades}{q-Clubs}{7-Spades} and the turn {7-Spades} was a brick. The river however was the {k-Clubs} giving Lim top pair and sending Lewis to the rail.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Chin Wei Lim my
Chin Wei Lim
350,000 55,000
Toby Lewis gb
Toby Lewis
WSOP 1X Winner
EPT 1X Winner

Tags: Chin Wei LimToby Lewis

Payouts Confirmed; A$1,074,840 for First Place

Niveau 9 : 1,000/2,000, 2,000 ante
2020 Aussie Millions
2020 Aussie Millions

The 2020 A$25,000 Challenge attracted a field of 169 players, breaking last year's record of 151 and generating a prize pool of A$4,056,000.

The tournament clock shows 78 players remaining, with only 17 of them guaranteed a min-cash of A$70,980.

A seat at the final table of seven is worth A$131,820 and the winner will walk away with A$1,074,840 and the ANTON Jewellery Championship ring.

A$25,000 Challenge Payouts

PlacePayout (AUD)Payout (USD)

No T-Shirt for Sheils

Niveau 8 : 800/1,600, 1,600 ante
James Romero & Bart Lybaert
James Romero & Bart Lybaert

On a flop of {q-Diamonds}{9-Clubs}{8-Clubs}, Bart Lybaert check-raised from 5,000 to 14,000 and Sam Grafton moved all in. Lybaert didn't bat an eye and folded near instantly.

"You get a t-shirt at the end of the night with ‚I survived Bart Lybaert‘. You may not cash, but there's that," Grafton joked after Lybaert had been running over the table to emerge as the biggest stack.

One more hand was to be played and that one saw an open raise to 3,200 by Richard Sheils in the cutoff. Lybaert in the small blind three-bet big to 16,300 and Grafton reluctantly folded, Sheils called. The flop came {k-Spades}{8-Clubs}{3-Diamonds} and Lybaert continued for 12,500, which Sheils called once more.

After the {5-Spades} turn, Lybaert bet 25,000 and snap-called the shove of Sheils for around 75,000.

Richard Sheils: {k-Clubs}{10-Clubs}
Bart Lybaert: {a-Clubs}{k-Diamonds}

A blank {9-Clubs} followed on the river and Sheils was sent to the rail.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Bart Lybaert be
Bart Lybaert
345,000 110,000
Sam Grafton gb
Sam Grafton
90,000 -35,000
PokerStars Ambassador
Richard Sheils gb
Richard Sheils

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Krost Doubles Through Del Vecchio; Eliminates Derias

Niveau 7 : 600/1,200, 1,200 ante
Tyron Krost
Tyron Krost

Tyron Krost had entered the pot from under the gun, and Sherif Derias shoved for around 5,000. Mike Del Vecchio three-bet to over 30,000 and Krost called all in for 22,300.

Tyron Krost: {k-Diamonds}{k-Clubs}
Sherif Derias: {k-Hearts}{2-Hearts}
Mike Del Vecchio: {a-Diamonds}{10-Spades}

The {2-Clubs}{3-Hearts}{a-Hearts} gave Derias a pair and a flush draw, but the {k-Spades} turn and {6-Clubs} river did nothing but improve Krost to top set and Derias was eliminated.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Tyron Krost au
Tyron Krost
50,000 -14,000
Mike Del Vecchio us
Mike Del Vecchio
30,000 4,000
WPT 1X Winner
Sherif Derias au
Sherif Derias

Tags: Mike Del VecchioSherif DeriasTyron Krost

Jiang Eliminated by Kempe

Niveau 4 : 300/600, 600 ante
Rainer Kempe
Rainer Kempe

Sosia Jiang opened to 2,000 on the button and Rainer Kempe three-bet to 5,800 in the big blind. Jiang asked how much he was playing before calling.

Kempe bet 3,000 on the {q-Hearts}{j-Hearts}{2-Clubs} and Jiang called. The turn was the {10-Spades} and Kempe continued for 12,800. Jiang called again.

The river was the {q-Diamonds}. Kempe bet 25,300 with just 100 chips behind. Jiang called for less and was all in.

Kempe showed {a-Clubs}{k-Clubs} for the nut straight and Jiang flashed {q-Clubs}{6-Clubs} for trip queens and she was eliminated.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Rainer Kempe de
Rainer Kempe
95,000 42,000
Defending Champion
Sosia Jiang nz
Sosia Jiang

Tags: Rainer KempeSosia Jiang

Nuts Versus Second Nuts for Eibinger

Niveau 2 : 150/300, 300 ante
Najeem Ajez
Najeem Ajez

On a flop of {q-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds}, Kevin MacPhee and Matthias Eibinger checked out of the blinds and Najeem Ajez bet 2,400. Derek Ip folded on the button and MacPhee called, as did Eibinger.

The {5-Diamonds} appeared on the turn and MacPhee checked once more. Eibinger now bet 7,200 and Ajez called, MacPhee folded after a brief consideration. On the {7-Clubs} river, Eibinger announced a bet of 20,000 and Ajez called to get shown {a-Diamonds}{3-Diamonds}. Ajez mucked the king-high flush and dropped a significant portion of his pot.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Matthias Eibinger at
Matthias Eibinger
83,000 33,000
Kevin MacPhee us
Kevin MacPhee
44,450 44,450
WSOP 2X Winner
EPT 1X Winner
Najeem Ajez au
Najeem Ajez
28,000 -22,000

Tags: Derek IpKevin MacPheeMatthias EibingerNajeem Ajez

Players Ready for A$25,000 Challenge

2019 A$25,000 Challenge Champion Rainer Kempe
2019 A$25,000 Challenge Champion Rainer Kempe

Welcome back to PokerNews for coverage of the 2020 Aussie Millions here at the Crown Casino in Melbourne. Today sees the second of four five- and six-figure High Roller Challenges get underway with the A$25,000 Challenge, won last year by Rainer Kempe.

He defeated a record 151-player field to take home A$826,465 after a heads-up deal with runner-up Toby Lewis who took home A$786,214.

Former A$25,000 Challenge Winners

YearWinnerCountryFirst Prize (AUD)EntriesTotal Prize Pool
2012Dominykas KarmazinasLithuaniaA$200,00020A$500,000
2013Igor KurganovRussiaA$275,00030A$723,000
2014Max AltergottGermanyA$241,78565A$1,560,000
2015Alexander TrevallionAustraliaA$645,150104A$2,496,000
2016Chance KornuthUnited StatesA$790,560122A$2,928,000
2017James ChenTaiwanA$861,840133A$3,192,000
2018Ben LambUnited StatesA$738,720114A$2,736,000
2019Rainer KempeGermanyA$826,465151A$3,624,000

Today, players will have 12 levels to navigate to make it through to the final day's play. The first six levels will be 40-minutes each, with the final six increasing to an hour. There will be a 45-minute dinner break after level eight.

One re-entry is permitted per player, with late registration and re-entry closing after the dinner break.

Several players made their way into this event through last night's A$2,800 satellite including Michael Dyer, Kitty Kuo and Paul Newey.

Day 1 Level Structure

LevelDurationSmall BlindBig BlindBig Blind Ante
140 min1002000
240 min150300300
340 min200400400
Break15 min   
440 min300600600
540 min400800800
640 min5001,0001,000
Break15 min   
760 min6001,2001,200
860 min8001,6001,600
Break45 min   
960 min1,0002,0002,000
1060 min1,2002,4002,400
Break15 min   
1160 min1,5003,0003,000
1260 min2,0004,0004,000

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