Tournois Live 1
Main Event

Disaster Strikes for Kevin Droz

[user228332] • Niveau 23: 20,000-40,000, 5,000 ante
Ivan Deyra (left) holds the chip lead after decimating Kevin Droz (right)

It's said that the higher you climb, the further you fall, and let me tell you, Kevin Droz just fell far. First he got into the biggest pot of the tournament against Ivan Deyra, when he five-bet {6-}{6-} to 800,000 and called it off for another million against Deyra's {K-}{K-}. That cost him 1,800,000, and the very next hand his remaining 10 big blinds were in the middle as well with {A-Hearts}{6-Spades} against the {A-Diamonds}{9-Clubs} of Bruno Soutavong. The board ran out {A-Clubs}{8-Spades}{2-Hearts}{A-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds}, and Droz hit the rail.

Shortly after Nicolas Mayot and Benjamin Truzman were out of chips as well, and that leaves 30 players still in contention for the trophy. The next player out receives 26,000 MAD (€2,400) while every other player will take home at least 32,000 MAD (€2,900).

Joueur Jetons Progression
Ivan Deyra fr
Ivan Deyra
fr 3,750,000 2,715,000
Bruno Soutavong fr
Bruno Soutavong
fr 1,300,000 -985,000
Kevin Droz FR
Kevin Droz
FR Eliminé
Nicolas Mayot FR
Nicolas Mayot
FR Eliminé
Benjamin Truzman FR
Benjamin Truzman
FR Eliminé