Tournois Live 2
Event #6: €1,650 PLO/NLH Mixed

Denys Fedorenko Eliminated in 15th Place (€4,458)

zedmaster84 • Niveau 25: 15,000-30,000, 30,000 ante
Denys Fedorenko

No-Limit Hold'em

Denys Fedorenko and Carter Newhof invested 110,000 in a battle of the blinds and the flop fell {a-Diamonds}{6-Clubs}{5-Clubs}, on which Fedorenko check-called for 110,000. The {9-Diamonds} turn then brought the last 385,000 of Fedorenko in the middle and he immediately sighed when Newhof tabled his cards.

Denys Fedorenko: {k-Spades}{k-Clubs}
Carter Newhof: {a-Hearts}{k-Diamonds}

The {4-Hearts} on the river brought no miracle and Fedorenko departed the tournament area with a "good luck guys."

Newhof was asked "he just called preflop?" and Newhof nodded, then replied "it's going in no matter what."

Joueur Jetons Progression
Carter Newhof us
Carter Newhof
us 2,100,000 550,000
Denys Fedorenko ua
Denys Fedorenko
ua Eliminé

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