WCOOP-56-H: $2,100 NLHE [8-Max, Super Tuesday SE]

Van Zadelhoff Takes Brito Down

poolshir • Niveau 22: 12,500-25,000, 3,250 ante

Pablo "pabritz" Brito raised to 50,000 from under the gun and was called by Steven "SvZff" van Zadelhoff in the early position while the rest folded.

The flop came {q-Spades}{a-Clubs}{2-Hearts}, Brito check-called the 50,000 bet of Van Zadelhoff.

The turn was the {3-Diamonds}, Brito checked again. This time, Van Zadelhoff bet 157,500 and was called.

The river completed the board with the {8-Spades}, Brito checked for the last time. Van Zadelhoff shoved with the bigger stack for Brito to take some time and then to make the call for the 379,334 he had behind with the {a-Hearts}{j-Clubs} for top pair but Van Zadelhoff held the {a-Diamonds}{q-Diamonds} for two pair.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Steven "SvZff" van Zadelhoff nl
Steven "SvZff" van Zadelhoff
nl 1,416,090 1,065,970
Igor "Garrin4e" Yaroshevskyy ua
Igor "Garrin4e" Yaroshevskyy
ua Eliminé
Tobias "dudd1" Duthweiler de
Tobias "dudd1" Duthweiler
de Eliminé
Pablo "pabritz" Brito br
Pablo "pabritz" Brito
br Eliminé