Event #81: People's Choice Event [Spin the Wheel]

Top Ten at Break

[user207516] • Niveau 21: 5,000-10,000, 1,250 ante

There are just 105 players left in action at the break.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Henrique "RoosterCrazy" Coutinho BR
Henrique "RoosterCrazy" Coutinho
BR 1,726,243 951,538
Barak "LuckySecret" Wisbrod il
Barak "LuckySecret" Wisbrod
il 1,441,265
Daniel Negreanu ca
Daniel Negreanu
ca 1,286,691 -130,750
Dawid "INSERTC0IN" Smolka PL
Dawid "INSERTC0IN" Smolka
PL 1,128,230 560,216
Adam "static88" Banko
Adam "static88" Banko
Esteban "siemprechill" Gomez UY
Esteban "siemprechill" Gomez
UY 978,470 321,914
Mikael "Basunababy69" Koistinen fi
Mikael "Basunababy69" Koistinen
fi 895,865
Apti "deafandblind" Dzhabrailov RU
Apti "deafandblind" Dzhabrailov
RU 863,466 84,964
Alessandro "MonkeyD93" Pichierri it
Alessandro "MonkeyD93" Pichierri
it 844,400 500,720
KoiOfTheHill PE
PE 819,957