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2022 World Series of Poker

Event #76: $1,979 Poker Hall of Fame Bounty
Jours 2
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2022 World Series of Poker

Main Gagnante
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Prize Pool
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125,000 / 250,000
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Joueurs Survivants

Spirins Defeats Lynch

Niveau 16 : Blinds 3,000/6,000, 6,000 ante

Action was picked up on a flop of {8-Diamonds}{9-Spades}{6-Spades} with three players in the pot with one player all in. Pavel Spirins in late position and Darrell Blodgett in the big blind still had action behind while Walter Lynch was all in preflop.

Blodgett checked the flop over to Spirins who then moved all in for around 170,000 and Blodgett went into the tank. After a few moments he decided to let it go and the cards were tabled with Lynch at risk.

Walter Lynch: {10-Hearts}{10-Clubs}
Pavel Spirins: {q-Spades}{10-Spades}

Although Lynch was ahead on the flop, Spirins hit his combo draw when the {j-Clubs} came on the turn to give him the nut straight Now Lynch could only hit a queen to chop but the {6-Clubs} sealed his fate and he was eliminated.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Pavel Spirins lv
Pavel Spirins
315,000 39,000
Darrell Blodgett us
Darrell Blodgett
230,000 -50,000
Walter Lynch us
Walter Lynch

Tags: Darrell BlodgettPavel SpirinsWalter Lynch

Tsinis Busts Rezaei

Niveau 16 : Blinds 3,000/6,000, 6,000 ante

Armin Rezaei's stack had been reduced to just 19,000 and he shoved it from the hijack. Arkadiy Tsinis called in the cutoff, everyone else folded.

Armin Rezaei: {j-Clubs}{9-Spades}
Arkadiy Tsinis: {a-Diamonds}{q-Spades}

The board ran out {10-Spades}{a-Clubs}{2-Diamonds}{k-Clubs}{6-Clubs} and Rezaei was eliminated to bring the field one closer to the money with 135 remaining after the elimination.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Arkadiy Tsinis us
Arkadiy Tsinis
319,000 22,000
WSOP 1X Winner
Armin Rezaei at
Armin Rezaei

Tags: Arkadiy TsinisArmin Rezaei

Deeb Gets Small Value

Niveau 16 : Blinds 3,000/6,000, 6,000 ante

Action was on the turn as the board read {2-Spades}{4-}{q-Spades}{q-Clubs}{7-Clubs}. Shaun Deeb bet 15,000 from the big blind and Kosaku Akashi called in early position.

The river came the {7-Clubs}. Deeb bet again for 22,000 and was called again.

Deeb showed the {3-Spades}{2-Clubs} which was the winning hand as Akashi mucked.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Shaun Deeb us
Shaun Deeb
605,000 31,000
WSOP 6X Winner
Kosaku Akashi jp
Kosaku Akashi
280,000 -33,000

Tags: Kosaku AkashiShaun Deeb

Niveau: 16

Blinds: 3,000/6,000

Ante: 6,000

Deeb On Top as Greenstein and Enright Remain Heading Into Day 2 of Hall of Fame Bounty

Barry Greenstein
Barry Greenstein

Day 2 of Event #79: $1,979 Poker Hall Of Fame Bounty No-Limit Hold’em gets underway at 2 p.m. local time with 139 players returning, out of an original field of 865, to battle for a share of the $1,495,363 prize pool and the $276,067 first place prize.

The top 130 players get paid, so the first drama of the day will be the early money bubble hit.

Leading the field is a very familiar name in Shaun Deeb, who has a heaping stack of 574,000, which is good for just under 100 big blinds. Deeb already has a poker hall-of-fame-worthy resume and is appropriately primed to make a run in this event that highlights hall of famers.

After Deeb, the top five counts are made up of Marsel Backa (510,000), Kfir Litman (503,000), Shane Rose (483,000) and Michael Brown (467,000).

Event #76: $1,979 Poker Hall of Fame Bounty Top 10 Chip Counts

PlacePlayerCountryChipsBig Blinds
1Shaun DeebUnited States574,00096
2Marsel BackaUnited States510,00085
3Kfir LitmanUnited States503,00084
4Shane RoseUnited States483,00081
5Michael BrownUnited States467,00078
6Joseph DiPascaleUnited States444,60074
7David LappinIreland430,00072
8Noah BronsteinUnited States417,00070
9Bradley GelbwaksUnited States409,00068
10Daniel WeinmanUnited States370,00062

There are two hall of famers left who still have large bounties on their heads, which will be heavily coveted by the remaining field. 2011 inductee Barry Greenstein is still alive with 337,000 and 2007 inductee Barbara Enright has 224,000 in chips. The players who eliminate them will receive a bounty amount equal to the year each was inducted.

Several other well-known players are among the final 139 as well including; Daniel Weinman (370,000), who is trying to add another deep run to his WSOP player of the year chase, Brian Green (332,000), and defending champion Ole Schemion (246,000), who is looking to do the improbable back-to-back run.

The plan is to play down to a bracelet winner today. Play begins at 2 p.m. local time. There will be 15-minute breaks every two 60-minute levels and a 60-minute dinner break after Level 24 (~8:30).

PokerNews will take you through to the end in this event as action will be rapid throughout the day.

Tags: Barbara EnrightBarry GreensteinBrian GreenDaniel WeinmanDavid LappinKfir LitmanMarsel BackaMichael BrownOle SchemionShane Rose

Day 2 Seat Draw

CasinoTableSeatPlayerCountryChipsBig Blinds
Bally's6611Jaroslaw HapunikUnited States67,00011
Bally's6612Pavel SpirinsLatvia276,00046
Bally's6613Dov MarkowichCanada175,00029
Bally's6614Bolivar PalaciosPanama139,00023
Bally's6615Walter LynchUnited States59,00010
Bally's6616Jonathan ZarinUnited States159,00027
Bally's6617Shawn QuinnUnited States72,00012
Bally's6618Darrell BlodgettUnited States280,00047
Bally's6619Davidi KitaiBelgium61,00010
Bally's6671Ray FishmanUnited States135,00023
Bally's6672Stephen KoUnited States244,00041
Bally's6673Anthony ZinnoUnited States154,00026
Bally's6674Arman SoltaniCanada178,00030
Bally's6675Brian GreenUnited States332,00055
Bally's6676Nathan BaumUnited States168,00028
Bally's6677Tomas JozonisLithuania109,00018
Bally's6678Alejo CastellazziArgentina93,00016
Bally's6679Frank MarascoUnited States119,00020
Bally's6681Georgios SotiropoulosGreece262,00044
Bally's6682Aleksandr ShevliakovRussia143,00024
Bally's6683Atanas KavrakovBulgaria341,00057
Bally's6684Paul HolderUnited States288,00048
Bally's6685Miguel Lopesportugal81,00014
Bally's6686Michael TeichUnited States216,00036
Bally's6687Daniel DaContiUnited States77,00013
Bally's6688Eyal EshkarIsrael287,00048
Bally's6689Eoghan O'DeaIreland50,0008
Bally's6691Jinho HongSouth Korea340,00057
Bally's6692Shane RoseUnited States483,00081
Bally's6693Timothy TelliardUnited States111,00019
Bally's6694Sam ParkerUnited States66,00011
Bally's6695David UvaydovUnited States175,00029
Bally's6696Michael BrownCanada467,00078
Bally's6697Jakob MiegelGermany304,00051
Bally's6698Joseph DipascaleUnited States444,60074
Bally's6699Miguel SilvaPortugal128,00021
Bally's6701Brandon PrattUnited States259,00043
Bally's6702Paul SokoloffUnited Kingdom176,00029
Bally's6703Amaris EllisUnited States57,00010
Bally's6704Joonas HelinFinland65,00011
Bally's6705George RotariuRomania350,00058
Bally's6706Richard BergmanUnited States22,0004
Bally's6707Ramon KropmannsBrazil215,00036
Bally's6708Christopher PutzAustria79,00013
Bally's6709Camille BrownUnited States241,00040
Bally's6711Petar KalevUnited States73,00012
Bally's6712Nicholas MullennexUnited States310,00052
Bally's6713Lauren MonossonUnited States58,00010
Bally's6714Samy BoujmalaFrance94,00016
Bally's6715Andrew PeplinskiUnited States250,00042
Bally's6716Pushpa AgarwalUnited States168,00028
Bally's6717Bradley GelbwaksUnited States409,00068
Bally's6718David DismukeUnited States36,0006
Bally's6719Pablo Joaquin MelognoUruguay215,00036
Bally's6721Humberto BrenesCosta Rica163,00027
Bally's6722Daniel BedsonUnited Kingdom136,00023
Bally's6723Jordan CristosUnited States163,00027
Bally's6724Daniel WeinmanUnited States370,00062
Bally's6725Song ChoeUnited States268,00045
Bally's6726Reiji KonoJapan246,00041
Bally's6727Yueqi ZhuUnited States171,00029
Bally's6728Kfir LitmanUnited States503,00084
Bally's6729Scott BoxenhornUnited States87,00015
Bally's6731Nicholas LeeCanada231,00039
Bally's6732Nikola MinkovBulgaria87,00015
Bally's6733Spencer SimpsonUnited States107,00018
Bally's6734Brian GoldsteinUnited States218,00036
Bally's6735Matias GabrenjaArgentina324,00054
Bally's6736Nicholas ZautraUnited States82,00014
Bally's6737Joseph GargiuloUnited States129,00022
Bally's6738Michael PantoUnited States10
Bally's6739Ting-Yi TsaiTaiwan188,00031
Bally's6741Hamid SalariUnited States314,00052
Bally's6742J Austin HijarUnited States124,00021
Bally's6743Danny WongUnited States80,00013
Bally's6744Leo FernandezArgentina86,00014
Bally's6745Brett William BlackwoodUnited States89,00015
Bally's6746Brad RubenUnited States107,00018
Bally's6747Robert SpanoAustralia343,00057
Bally's6748Gleb TremzinRussia226,00038
Bally's6749Steven SteinmetzUnited States268,00045
Bally's6751Nadine CopleyUnited States111,00019
Bally's6752Daisuke GotoJapan193,00032
Bally's6753Jordan SemelUnited States230,00038
Bally's6754Noah BronsteinUnited States417,00070
Bally's6755Dean FreedlanderUnited States128,00021
Bally's6756Joshua FarisUnited States183,00031
Bally's6758Darryl RonconiUnited States68,00011
Bally's6759Park Yu CheungHong Kong101,00017
Bally's6761Marc-Andre YelleUnited States97,00016
Bally's6762Andy MillerUnited States126,00021
Bally's6763Barbara EnrightUnited States224,00037
Bally's6764Yohwan LimSouth Korea233,00039
Bally's6765Perry FriedmanUnited States320,00053
Bally's6766Armin RezaeiAustria191,00032
Bally's6767Arkadiy TsinisUnited States297,00050
Bally's6769Nicholas PetittiUnited States142,00024
Bally's6771Suren DharanikotaUnited States221,00037
Bally's6772William ReddickCanada136,00023
Bally's6773David Lappin KilmartinIreland430,00072
Bally's6774Punnat PunsriThailand281,00047
Bally's6775Tony SinishtajUnited States205,00034
Bally's6776Anatolii ZyrinRussia290,00048
Bally's6777Michael CopenhaverUnited States102,00017
Bally's6778Luis PinhoPortugal124,00021
Bally's6779Ross WardMexico99,00017
Bally's6781Michael NyeUnited States172,00029
Bally's6782Dmitriy UskachUnited States221,00037
Bally's6783Blair EastwoodUnited States352,00059
Bally's6784Adam HendrixUnited States36,0006
Bally's6785Jason ReelsUnited States119,00020
Bally's6786Jorge ArriolaUnited States84,00014
Bally's6788Justin ZakiUnited States194,00032
Bally's6789Ole SchemionUnited States246,00041
Bally's6791Pedro OliveiraPortugal108,00018
Bally's6792Lawrence GreenbergUnited States255,00043
Bally's6793Yuri DzivielevskiBrazil211,00035
Bally's6794Barry GreensteinUnited States327,00055
Bally's6795Derek ChinUnited States111,00019
Bally's6796Aaron DanielsUnited States129,00022
Bally's6798Bas De LaatNetherlands194,00032
Bally's6799Jacques DermegreditchianFrance14,5002
Bally's6801Marsel BackaUnited States510,00085
Bally's6802Viliyan PetleshkovBulgaria73,00012
Bally's6803Jose Paz-GutierrezBolivia90,00015
Bally's6804Matthew McdowellUnited States55,0009
Bally's6805Shaun DeebUnited States574,00096
Bally's6806Dzmitry UrbanovichPoland181,00030
Bally's6807Kazuyuki TanemuraJapan59,00010
Bally's6808Kosaku AkashiJapan313,00052
Bally's6811Lawrence MeldmanUnited States40,0007
Bally's6812Stefan JedlickaAustria325,00054
Bally's6813Virgile TurchiFrance69,00012
Bally's6814Ronnie DayUnited States279,00047
Bally's6815Santiago PlanteCanada120,00020
Bally's6816Todd HansenUnited States96,00016
Bally's6817Gabriele ReItaly64,00011
Bally's6818Ricardo AbundisUnited States107,00018
Bally's6819Chad HimmelspachUnited States138,00023

Event #76: $1,979 Poker Hall of Fame Bounty

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