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2010 EPT Snowfest Main Event

Lykov réussit son squeeze

Mr. Lykov, vainqueur de l'EPT de Kiev
Under the gun, Marcel Koller opened the pot to 6,000, and he found calls from Luis Medina and Niccolo Caramatti further down the line. When the action came to Maxim Lykov in the big blind, he stacked out a reraise to 28,800 and slid it forward. That folded Koller and Medina rather quickly, but Caramatti seemed to be on to Lykov's game.

"I was much more worried about him (pointing to Koller) than you. I have a good hand here." He asked Lykov how much he was playing, and Maxim told him he had about 150,000 behind. After another moment or two, Caramatti reluctantly passed, repeating once again, "I had a good hand." He asked to see one of the cards, and Lykov promptly flipped over the {6-Clubs} as he collected a nice chunk of uncontested chips.

Lykov - 198,000
Caramatti - 175,000

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