€1,100 EPT National

Im Eliminated by Jozonis

zedmaster84 • Niveau 8: 400-800, 800 ante

With some 9,000 in the middle and the turn showing {j-Hearts}{10-Spades}{8-Clubs}{6-Clubs}, Yungshin Im checked and Tomas Jozonis bet 6,500. Im moved all in for more than double of that and Jozonis eventually tossed in a single chip for the call.

Youngshin Im: {10-Hearts}{9-Diamonds}
Tomas Jozonis: {a-Clubs}{j-Hearts}

The {2-Hearts} on the river was a brick and Im was sent to the rail.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Tomas Jozonis lt
Tomas Jozonis
lt 75,000 39,000
Youngshin Im kr
Youngshin Im
kr Eliminé

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