2019 partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Europe

Main Event
Jours 4

Lukas Zaskodny Wins 2019 partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Europe Main Event for €906,770

Niveau 33 : 4,000,000-8,000,000, 8,000,000 ante
Lukas Zaskodny
Lukas Zaskodny

The €10,300 Main Event at the 2019 partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Europe is done and Lukas Zaskodny has been crowned the winner. He took home €906,770 for beating the 504-entry field and a heads-up deal with Josef Snejberg. Snejberg settled for €718,230. The podium was completed by Romain Lewis. Lewis took home the bronze for the biggest live cash of his career, €428,000.

The tournament ended with quite shallow stacks and most of the eliminations were in standard situations. Zaskodny addressed this after he won: “We were playing for a lot of money, and the pay jumps were quite huge. Even though the table is quite shallow, I understand that nobody wants to be eliminated.”

Zaskodny also said he is very good friends with Snejberg. “One month ago we had a groundbreaking with my garden. And we were talking and saying that we’ve never played heads-up together, even though we’ve played together many years. So one month after that, we got heads up.”

Final Table Results

PlacePlayerCountryPrize (EUR)Prize (USD)
1Lucas ZaskodnyCzech Republic€906,770*$1,006,000*
2Josef SnejbergCzech Republic€718,230*$797,000
3Romain LewisFrance€428,000$475,000
4Severin SchleserAustria€300,000$333,000
5Sam GraftonUnited Kingdom€220,000$244,000
6Roberto RomanelloUnited Kingdom€170,000$189,000
7Charlie CarrelUnited Kingdom€130,000$144,000
8Rastislav PaletaCzech Republic€100,000$111,000

*= Heads-up deal

Final Table Action

Only eight players remained out of the 504 entries that were made in the Main Event. Charlie Carrel started the day as chip leader after a dominating performance on Day 3 of the tournament. He started off on the same track by immediately busting out Rastislav Paleta in eighth place (€100,000). After that, however, Carrel wasn't able to win a single hand and he ended up losing every single all-in situation to end up in seventh place himself. Carrel took home €130,000 for his efforts, despite having one-third of the chips earlier in the day.

Team partypoker pro Roberto Romanello was one of the players that made his way to Day 3 through the online Day 1+2. Romanello had a stellar start on Day 3 but his run came to an end in sixth place after being one of the players that doubled through Carrel. Romanello took home €170,000. Sam Grafton was one of several players that held the chip lead during the final table but his run came to an end in fifth (€220,000).

Romanello wasn't the only player at the final to make it to the final table after finding his way to Day 3 through the partypoker client. Severin Schleser (4th - €300,000) and Lewis (3rd - €428,000) also set foot in the Kings Resort for the first time during this series on Day 3 of the Main Event. Schleser qualified for the tournament through an online satellite on partypoker with a buy-in about 100 times smaller than the €10,300 most of the players ponied up.

Romain Lewis all-in for his tournament life
Romain Lewis all-in for his tournament life

The last non-Czech player in the tournament was Lewis and the heads-up match started with the two players from the Czech Republic after a little break. Zaskodny and Snejberg agreed on a deal and they would finish the tournament playing for €100,000. Snejberg already secured €718,230 and Zaskodny, who held the chip lead going into the heads up, secured €806,770. Snejberg took over the lead during the heads-up but Zaskodny then won two big pots to end the tournament and take home the extra €100,000.

That wraps up the coverage of the 2019 partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Europe in Rozvadov, Czech Republic.

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