WCOOP-48-M: $530 NLHE [8-Max, Progressive KO, Sunday Slam]

Four-Bet By Gruissem; Moreira Jams Into Parugaev

zedmaster84 • Niveau 41: 350,000-700,000, 87,500 ante

Philipp "philbort" Gruissem raised to 1,350,000 and "MrNorberto" three-bet to 4,200,000 in the cutoff. Gruissem four-bet to 10,800,000 and that won the pot right there.

Over on the other table, Vitor "Vitorbrasil" Moreira defended the big blind against a min-raise by Andrey "Lucky_Jew_17" Parugaev and check-called a bet of 882,000 on the {10-Hearts}{8-Hearts}{3-Clubs} flop. He did so again for 3,774,000 on the {7-Hearts} turn and check-jammed the {7-Diamonds} river when Parugaev bet 7,086,000 only to forfeit his third barrel.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Maksym "MAMOHT_T" Mamonov RU
Maksym "MAMOHT_T" Mamonov
RU 83,465,848 675,000
Philipp "philbort" Gruissem DE
Philipp "philbort" Gruissem
DE 71,386,502 11,737,500
MrNorberto hu
hu 44,886,391 -7,443,750
Andrey "Lucky_Jew_17" Parugaev RU
Andrey "Lucky_Jew_17" Parugaev
RU 43,442,292 -12,717,000
Vitor "Vitorbrasil" Moreira BR
Vitor "Vitorbrasil" Moreira
BR 39,076,723 13,317,000
xnrobix hu
hu 36,770,476 -281,250
Tauan "kylix42" Naves BR
Tauan "kylix42" Naves
BR 22,193,516 1,875,000
Marlon "sphinmx" Wilhelms BR
Marlon "sphinmx" Wilhelms
BR 17,282,132 -1,912,500
Luis "Lui$starPRO$" Rocha BR
Luis "Lui$starPRO$" Rocha
BR 11,664,597 -1,875,000
bruna_bsb br
br 10,883,634 -2,100,000
Vinicius "viniperri" Perri BR
Vinicius "viniperri" Perri
BR 4,547,889 -1,275,000