WCOOP-48-M: $530 NLHE [8-Max, Progressive KO, Sunday Slam]

Moreira Wins Huge Pot to Take The Lead

zedmaster84 • Niveau 42: 400,000-800,000, 100,000 ante
Huge Pot for Moreira

"MrNorberto" won two medium-sized pots in a row to get closer to the chip lead but it was then Vitor "Vitorbrasil" Moreira who took over the top spot after winning an enormous three-way pot.

Philipp "philbort" Gruissem raised to 1,800,000 and was called by Moreira in the cutoff, Maksym "MAMOHT_T" Mamonov on the button three-bet to 5,840,000 and was called both ways. On the {6-Hearts}{5-Hearts}{4-Hearts} flop, both Gruissem and Moreira check-called a bet of 4,684,745 and the {q-Clubs} fell on the turn. Gruissem check-called a bet o 1,384,000 by Mamonov and Moreira then raised to 9,568,050.

Only Mamonov then called the raise and faced a bet of 11,310,188 by Moreira on the {4-Diamonds} river. After using a decent chunk of his time bank, he called and was shown {6-Spades}{6-Clubs} for sixes full by Moreira.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Vitor "Vitorbrasil" Moreira BR
Vitor "Vitorbrasil" Moreira
BR 97,315,548 48,249,228
MrNorberto hu
hu 79,296,563 4,927,500
Maksym "MAMOHT_T" Mamonov RU
Maksym "MAMOHT_T" Mamonov
RU 47,755,065 -33,805,483
Philipp "philbort" Gruissem DE
Philipp "philbort" Gruissem
DE 46,502,807 -14,121,245
Andrey "Lucky_Jew_17" Parugaev RU
Andrey "Lucky_Jew_17" Parugaev
RU 42,290,143 -1,262,500
Marlon "sphinmx" Wilhelms BR
Marlon "sphinmx" Wilhelms
BR 26,901,764 -462,500
xnrobix hu
hu 23,307,094 -462,500
Tauan "kylix42" Naves BR
Tauan "kylix42" Naves
BR 22,231,016 -3,062,500

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