Tournois Live 1
Main Event

Kazuma Fujiyama Eliminated in 2nd Place (720,000 MAD)

[user228332] • Niveau 32: 150,000-300,000, 50,000 ante
Kazuma Fujiyama couldn't overcome the overwhelming chip deficit going into the heads-up battle and finishes 2nd

The heads-up battle started out quietly with Hugo Larachiche folding a few buttons and Fujiyama chipping up ever so slightly, but it only took one big clash before it was all over.

Hugo Larachiche limped on the button, and Kazuma Fujiyama in the big blind wasted no time announcing all-in for 6,100,000 total. Larachiche instantly called and turned over {A-Hearts}{Q-Hearts}, and with Fujiyama holding {A-Clubs}{2-Hearts} the Frenchman was just five cards away from victory.

The atmosphere was electric as everyone gathered around the table to get a first-hand look at what could be the final hand of the tournament, and the dealer ever so slowly burned a card before flipping over the top three cards of the deck: {8-Clubs}{A-Spades}{5-Hearts}.

The cheering and shouting increased as Larachiche was only two cards away from the victory and after the {10-Hearts} turn he even smiled in anticipation of what was very likely to be just around the corner. He took a deep breath as the dealer pulled what could be the last river card of the tournament.

It was. The {4-Hearts} hit the table.

The room erupted. Larachiche was embraced from every angle as his friends made their way past the final table barrier, but before joining in on the celebration, he shook hands with Fujiyama, who mentally seemed prepared for the title as runner-up. This was Larachiche's final table, and even Fujiyama knew it.

A recap of today's action will be available shortly.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Hugo Larachiche fr
Hugo Larachiche
fr 53,900,000 5,500,000
Kazuma Fujiyama jp
Kazuma Fujiyama
jp Eliminé