Event #26: $1,000 Pot-Limit Omaha

Joe Cada Looking to Continue Hot Summer in Day 2 of Event #26: $1,000 Pot-Limit Omaha

Joe Cada

This year the turnout for Event #26: $1,000 Pot-Limit Omaha was just shy of last year's, reeling in 968 runners. After 10 levels of play yesterday in the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, there were 100 hopefuls finding a bag and moving onto Day 2 today which starts at 12 p.m. local time.

One name that stands out from the pack is 2009 Main Event Champion Joe Cada. Cada has three bracelets, all in no-limit hold'em, with one of them coming earlier this summer in Event #3: $3,000 No-Limit Hold'em Shootout. He joined this tournament later in the day, but instantly started to build a stack and will be going into Day 2 with above average chips of 57,800.

The biggest stacks that comprise the top five going into Day 2 include current leader Ryan Goindoo (196,000), Ivaylo Sivinov (192,900), Clint Montfort (173,900), Thayer Rasmussen (142,000), and Richard Tuhrim (141,700).

There are some other notables who made it through all ten levels yesterday, a list that includes Brazil's own Felipe Ramos (81,100), Germany's Martin Finger (72,200), Robert Cowen (58,900), Mark Dube (40,000), Mikhail Semin (44,700), and bracelet winner Calen McNeil (45,500).

Play will resume with Level 11 (600/1,200 blinds) and levels will be 60 minutes in length. The players will be getting a 15-minute break after every two levels of play, with a 60-minute dinner break coming after the sixth level. There will be ten levels played before players move on to the third and final day of play.

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RoomTableSeatNameCountyChip CountBig Blinds
Amazon4001Timothy McdermottUnited States57,40048
Amazon4002Aaron OvertonUnited States45,90038
Amazon4003Calen McNeilCanada45,50038
Amazon4004Pascal DamoisFrance54,80046
Amazon4005Ammon WarnerUnited States47,60040
Amazon4006Mason ReaganUnited States35,00029
Amazon4007Alexander CondonUnited States63,30053
Amazon4008Peter KleinUnited States63,60053
Amazon4009Vien LeUnited States13,70011
Amazon4011James RubinUnited States30,60026
Amazon4012Kirill GerasimovRussia45,50038
Amazon4013United StatessenUnited States142,000118
Amazon4014Thomas KimUnited States60,30050
Amazon4015Trey BrabhamUnited States25,70021
Amazon4016Benjamin HunholzUnited States37,10031
Amazon4017Ken AldridgeUnited States31,70026
Amazon4018Arthur MorrisUnited States133,000111
Amazon4019Jason ChungUnited States24,90021
Amazon4021Mark DubeUnited States40,00033
Amazon4022United StatesUnited States49,70041
Amazon4023Joe CadaUnited States57,80048
Amazon4024Yu PengTaiwan18,80016
Amazon4025Uri ReichensteinIsrael100,00083
Amazon4026Christian HarderUnited States28,10023
Amazon4027Joseph LeungCanada14,10012
Amazon4028Alan KimUnited States40,10033
Amazon4029Matthew ColvinUnited States16,10013
Amazon4031Ivaylo SivinovBulgaria192,900161
Amazon4032Ioannis Angelou KonstasGreece29,20024
Amazon4033Ryan GoindooTrinidad and Tobago196,000163
Amazon4035Denise GoodUnited States84,60071
Amazon4036Jae LimUnited States73,60061
Amazon4037Adrian BuckleyUnited States44,60037
Amazon4038Martin FingerAustria72,20060
Amazon4039Christopher AielloUnited States46,60039
Amazon4081Walter ChambersUnited States45,50038
Amazon4082Peter GelencserHungary74,20062
Amazon4083Jarred SolomonSouth Africa68,60057
Amazon4084Mark IoliUnited States24,50020
Amazon4085Christopher MeyersUnited States75,30063
Amazon4086Nikolai SearsUnited States40,60034
Amazon4087United StatesakUnited States30,90026
Amazon4088Gabriel AndradeUnited States22,00018
Amazon4091Jeffrey PalarinoUnited States16,30014
Amazon4092Bruce RosenUnited States23,50020
Amazon4093Michael CordellUnited States36,50030
Amazon4094Stephen WhitakerUnited States42,10035
Amazon4096Paul EvansUnited States19,00016
Amazon4097Pedro RodriguezUnited States26,50022
Amazon4098Phillip MighallUnited Kingdom60,00050
Amazon4099Steven BerkowitzUnited States33,70028
Amazon4101David CaruthersUnited States20,00017
Amazon4102Jeanmarc ThomasFrance42,00035
Amazon4103Georgios KaravokyrisGreece29,70025
Amazon4104Marcel VonkNetherlands9,6008
Amazon4105Bobac MedalianUnited States24,50020
Amazon4106Felipe RamosBrazil81,10068
Amazon4108Roman ValersteinUnited States98,10082
Amazon4109Arthur NelsonUnited States76,10063
Amazon4112Floyd BangerterUnited States36,40030
Amazon4113Joshua TenoUnited States60,00050
Amazon4114lan DykshteynUnited States49,00041
Amazon4115John KabbajUnited Kingdom47,30039
Amazon4116Mikhail SeminRussia44,70037
Amazon4117Adam BrownUnited States26,30022
Amazon4118Wei YehUnited States14,90012
Amazon4119Bradley ButcherUnited States6,8006
Amazon4161Mark SandnessUnited States51,20043
Amazon4162Colin YorkUnited States34,50029
Amazon4163Jan LarssonFinland69,50058
Amazon4164Srider NadarajahUnited States27,50023
Amazon4165Joshua LarsonUnited States25,10021
Amazon4166Lars NickolaiDenmark20,80017
Amazon4167Shannon ShorrUnited States26,90022
Amazon4168Ha DiepUnited States67,40056
Amazon4169Tom WestUnited States51,60043
Amazon4171Robert CowenUnited Kingdom58,90049
Amazon4172Mostafa HaidaryAustria54,40045
Amazon4173Joshua JonesUnited States31,50026
Amazon4175Shiva DudaniUnited States13,60011
Amazon4176Thibaut KlinghammerFrance42,60036
Amazon4177Adam JohnsonUnited States40,70034
Amazon4178Jordan SiegelUnited States28,90024
Amazon4179Leon JonesNew Zealand12,60011
Amazon4182Artem BabakhanyanRussia24,00020
Amazon4183Jeffrey LandherrUnited States13,80012
Amazon4184James HoelandUnited States19,80017
Amazon4185Filippos StavrakisUnited States141,500118
Amazon4186Dawn WilenskyUnited States90,10075
Amazon4187United StatesUnited States23,90020
Amazon4188Clinton MonfortUnited States173,900145
Amazon4189Sean TrohaUnited States90,80076
Amazon4191Jonathan BryanUnited States35,50030
Amazon4192Keshava PersadUnited States20,20017
Amazon4193Richard TuhrimUnited States141,700118
Amazon4194Phillip CadolinoUnited States61,30051
Amazon4195Thorben VellrathGermany17,70015
Amazon4197Nick GuagentiUnited States22,60019
Amazon4198Ayed ShweihatUnited States15,70013
Amazon4199Brian StrackUnited States17,60015

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