2018 World Series of Poker

Event #67: $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha Bounty
Jours 3
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2018 World Series of Poker

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40,000 / 80,000

Matt O'Donnell Seeks Second Bracelet as we Begin Day 3

Matt O'Donnell
Matt O'Donnell

Day 3 of Event #67: $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha Bounty kicks off today at 2:00 P.M. local time in the Brasilia room at the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino.

Matt O'Donnell leads the unofficial final table of ten and play will continue until one of them hoists the gold bracelet and the $141,161 cash prize.

O'Donnell acquired a large portion of his stack by earning two bounties in one "sick" hand on day 2.

Michal Maryška opened to 13,500 under the gun, Christopher Schneider called in the cutoff, and Matt O'Donnell flatted on the button.

Florian Duta saw an opportunity out of the small blind and three-bet pot to 72,500. All three of his opponents would eventually make the call.

A {9-Spades}{3-Hearts}{2-Diamonds} flop fanned out and all of the chips went in the middle. Duta liked the flop enough to put the rest of his stack in. Maryška then raised pot which covered everyone else and Schneider and O'Donnell both put themselves at risk as well.

It took a few moments for the side pots to be arranged to give the rest of the players in the event ample time to surround the table.

The word 'sick' was used by just about everyone in the room.

Florian Duta: {k-Diamonds}{k-Clubs}{4-Clubs}{5-Clubs}
Michal Maryška:{k-Hearts}{q-Clubs}{j-Spades}{9-Clubs}
Christopher Schneider: {a-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds}{8-Clubs}{7-Clubs}
Matt O'Donnell: {a-Spades}{q-Hearts}{5-Hearts}{3-Spades}

The {4-Hearts} on the turn gave O'Donnell a wheel and it held through the {10-Clubs} on the river to pick up two bounties from Schneider and Duta and also double the remainder of his stack through Maryška.

O'Donnell already has one bracelet to his name winning a $2,500 No-Limit Hold'em for $551,941 back in 2015 and seeks to add another today.

The chip counts and seating assignments are as follows:

SeatPlayerCountryChip Count
1Anderson IrelandUnited States864,000
2Jameson PainterUnited States634,000
3Andrew HollandUnited States572,000
4Joon ParkCanada441,000
5Hai ChuAustrailia703,000
6Michal MaryškaCzech Republic633,000
7Jonathan ThomasUnited States598,000
8Matt O'DonnellUnited States985,000
9James MorganUnited States376,000
10Harry PozefskyUnited States234,000

Stay tuned here as the Pokernews reporting team will be reporting from the first hand to the final one that crowns a champion.

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