2020 GGPoker WSOP Online Bracelet Events

Event #32: $100 The Opener [Final Day], $2M GTD
Jours 2

Ronit "Songjoy" Chamani Eliminated in 2nd Place ($198,067)

Niveau 38 : 20,000,000-40,000,000, 4,000,000 ante
E32 Final Hand
E32 Final Hand

Ronit "Songjoy" Chamani shoved from the button, and Marcelo "Marolo" Jakovljevic Pudla called from the big blind.

Chamani: {5-Spades}{6-Spades}
Pudla: {a-Clubs}{5-Clubs}

Board: {9-Hearts}{10-Clubs}{3-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds}{7-Clubs}

Chamani was drawing thin with the suited connectors, and even though she turned the gutshot, she couldn't get there and had to settle for 2nd place and a score of $198,067.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Marcelo Jakovljevic Pudla br
Marcelo Jakovljevic Pudla
1,454,157,652 581,157,652
Ronit Chamani za
Ronit Chamani