Event #45: $840 Bounty No Limit Hold'em

Dias Wins One

poolshir • Niveau 35: 200,000-400,000, 50,000 ante

Bernardo "GGeKKo" Dias completed his small blind for Patrick "Muddington" Kennedy to raise to 1,150,000 from the big blind and was called.

They both checked through the {10-Diamonds}{q-Hearts}{9-Hearts} flop and the {7-Diamonds} on the turn to the {k-Spades} on the river. Dias checked for the last time. Kennedy bet 884,000 which Dias called. Kennedy tabled {6-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds} for Dias to pick up the pot with {a-Diamonds}{9-Spades} for the pair of nines.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Patrick "Muddington" Kennedy GB
Patrick "Muddington" Kennedy
GB 24,434,597 -2,134,000
Bernardo "GGeKKo" Dias br
Bernardo "GGeKKo" Dias
br 12,137,485 2,634,000
Chi Chung "chipuker" Ho tw
Chi Chung "chipuker" Ho
tw 8,019,328 -100,000
Joshua "kaledak" Pollock
Joshua "kaledak" Pollock
7,970,320 -300,000
Franco "pelaguacha" Spitale ar
Franco "pelaguacha" Spitale
ar 6,988,270 -100,000

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