Event #63: $500 Mini Main Event, $5M GTD

Noach Busted by Mishra

[user207516] • Niveau 24: 180,000-360,000, 45,000 ante
Noach vs Mishra

Suraj "M26GreenWood" Mishra raised to 808K and Tal "Vamoschico" Noach reraised to 4,729,537 from the big blind, and Mishra raised again to put Noach at risk.

Tal "Vamoschico" Noach: {a-Hearts}{5-Diamonds}
Suraj "M26GreenWood" Mishra: {9-Clubs}{9-Diamonds}

Board: {j-Spades}{4-Clubs}{q-Hearts}{8-Hearts}{5-Spades}

Mishra's nines held to know Noach out.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Jakob "lechayim" Miegel
Jakob "lechayim" Miegel
49,725,243 -2,340,000
Suraj "M26GreenWood" Mishra IN
Suraj "M26GreenWood" Mishra
IN 48,083,259 6,547,537
Omri "HARDON" Rachman IL
Omri "HARDON" Rachman
IL 20,324,490 4,590,000
Daniel "GiveUp1905" Saugspier DE
Daniel "GiveUp1905" Saugspier
DE 17,661,444 -180,000
Marc-Andre Ladouceur ca
Marc-Andre Ladouceur
ca 11,757,065 -4,023,000
Christian "DJ Barb" Barbeau CA
Christian "DJ Barb" Barbeau
CA 5,205,959 -180,000
Tal "Vamoschico" Noach il
Tal "Vamoschico" Noach
il Eliminé