Event #69: $1,500 Marathon No Limit Hold'em

No More Bullets Left for "yoyoc", Wisbrod

KaleGozer • Niveau 8: 600-1,200, 140 ante
Two players permanently gone

Earlier, "yoyoc" tried to get Steven van Zadelhoff off a pair of aces which failed. This time, he also lost the chips from his third and final bullet to Christian Rudolph.

It was a cooler this time, as "yoyoc" had flopped top two pair while Rudolph had middle set. All the money flew in on the turn and "yoyoc" couldn't catch his two-outer to be eliminated.

Barak "LuckySecret" Wisbrod, who started the hand with just a few crumbs, was also eliminated and for the Israeli, it was the third bullet as well.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Christian Rudolph de
Christian Rudolph
de 92,253 68,353
yoyoc MA
MA Eliminé
Barak "LuckySecret" Wisbrod
Barak "LuckySecret" Wisbrod