Event #12: $500 The BIG 500 No-Limit Hold'em

Jack "EarlGrey" Salter Eliminated in 2nd Place ($98,621.14)

• Niveau 47: 400,000-800,000, 100,000 ante
Jack Salter

A few hands after doubling up with {a-Spades}{8-Hearts} against Depaulo's {k-Diamonds}{4-Diamonds}, Jack "EarlGrey" Salter raised to 1,600,000 from the button, and Ryan "Joeyisamush" Depaulo three-bet jammed in the big blind. Salter called off his last 17,000,000 and the cards were tabled.

Jack "EarlGrey" Salter: {a-Clubs}{j-Diamonds}
Ryan "Joeyisamush" Depaulo: {q-Clubs}{q-Hearts}

Depaulo looked primed to avenge his third-place performance at 2019's WSOP Event #61:$400 Colossus No-Limit Hold'em, and the {2-Clubs}{2-Spades}{10-Diamonds} flop and {3-Diamonds} turn meant Salter had to hit an ace to continue their heads-up match.

The {3-Spades} hit the river instead, and Salter settled for second-place after a deep run, while Ryan Depaulo earned his first WSOP gold bracelet.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Ryan "joeyisamush" Depaulo
Ryan "joeyisamush" Depaulo
48,540,000 13,743,408
Jack "EarlGrey" Salter gb
Jack "EarlGrey" Salter
gb Eliminé

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