Event #19: $400 No-Limit Hold'em

Yanchek Calls Off with Pocket Tens

Chad_Holloway • Niveau 27: 6,000-12,000, 1,500 ante
Jeffrey Yanchek

Action folded around to Ibrahim "ig0tdibs" Naim on the button and he moved all in for 563,430 to put the pressure on the shorter stacks in the blinds. Jeff "YanCanCook" Yanchek was in the small blind and called off for 156,592. The player in the big blind folded and the hands were turned up.

Jeff "YanCanCook" Yanchek: {10-Diamonds}{10-Clubs}
Ibrahim "ig0tdibs" Naim: {a-Diamonds}{7-Diamonds}

Yanchek was ahead but not after the {a-Hearts}{8-Hearts}{4-Diamonds} flop paired Naim. Neither the {k-Spades} turn nor {8-Clubs} river helped Yanchek and he had to settle for 102nd place and $1,191.06 in prize money.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Ibrahim "ig0tdibs" Naim us
Ibrahim "ig0tdibs" Naim
us 745,522 745,522
Jeff "YanCanCook" Yanchek
Jeff "YanCanCook" Yanchek

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