Event #34: $1,500 Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw

Andrulis Wins Massive Family Pot

• Niveau 28: 60,000-120,000, 0 ante
Kristijonas Andrulis

The biggest pot of the tournament was just played with huge swings in three of the remaining players stacks.

Pre-draw, Stephen Deutsch raised in the cutoff and got calls from Kristijonas Andrulis on the button and Peter Lynn in the small blind.

In the big blind, David "Bakes" Baker asked, "one more bet to me", then followed up with "one more bet to y'all", as he put in a three-bet.

Everyone called, and the four players were off to the draws with a sizeable pot already built.

Lynn drew two, Baker drew one, Deutsch drew three, and Andrulis drew two.

Lynn checked as first to act, then Baker continued with another bet, Deutsch called, and Andrulis raised.

Lynn folded while the others called, leaving the hand now three-ways.

Baker drew one again, Deutsch drew two and Andrulis stood pat.

Andrulis' opponents checked to him on the button and he put out another bet, with both then calling.

Baker continued to draw one, Deutsch also drew one, and Andrulis remained pat.

Baker and Deutsch both checked again to Andrulis, who checked back. Baker immediately pitched his cards into the muck, while Andrulis turned over {9-}{7-}{4-}{3-}{2-} which held up as the winner to award him the massive pot.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Stephen Deutsch us
Stephen Deutsch
us 2,500,000 -105,000
Peter Lynn us
Peter Lynn
us 1,900,000 10,000
Kristijonas Andrulis lt
Kristijonas Andrulis
lt 1,500,000 515,000
David "Bakes" Baker us
David "Bakes" Baker
us 1,000,000 -520,000

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