Event #47: $5,000 Freezeout No-Limit Hold'em 8-Handed

Lin Shoves Twice, Simpson Shoves Once

• Niveau 29: 80,000-160,000, 160,000 ante
Ren Lin

Ren Lin shoved all-in preflop for a little more than two million.

"No gamble no future," declared Lin.

The rest of the players folded and he picked up the pot.

On the next hand, action folded around to Conrad Simpson in the small blind and he put in his last 870,000.

"I would like to wager all of my chips," said Simpson to the dealer.

Lin in the big blind thought it over for a couple of minutes.

"If it's two-sided, I'll call you," said Lin.

Lin indeed peeled a second two-sided card, but ultimately folded and showed {4-Spades}{5-Hearts}. Simpson showed {k-Hearts}{8-Clubs} as he dragged the pot.

Lin moved all in again on the next hand from the small blind.

"No gamble no future," he said again. "Let's go!"

Daniel Strelitz surrendered his big blind and Lin took down another one.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Daniel Strelitz us
Daniel Strelitz
us 6,050,000 -400,000
Ren Lin us
Ren Lin
us 2,675,000 375,000
Conrad Simpson us
Conrad Simpson
us 1,270,000 -30,000

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