Event #4: $1,500 Dealer's Choice 6-Handed

Limped Pot Gets Big

• Niveau 32
Naoya Kihara

Pot-Limit Omaha

Naoya Kihara limped in on the button for 80,000, Brad Ruben did the same from the small blind, and Jaswinder Lally checked his option.

The three players saw the {q-Diamonds}{3-Diamonds}{6-Clubs} flop. Ruben decided to lead from the small blind for 110,000. Only Kihara called on the button.

The turn brought the {8-Hearts} and Ruben again led, this time for 290,000. Kihara thought for a couple of minutes before reaching for a stack of blue chips worth 100,000 each. He slid in the raise to the tune of 1,360,000.

After deliberating for about two minutes, Ruben folded his cards. "I folded a pretty big one there," said Ruben.

Kihara stacked his chips as these three battle to the finish.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Jaswinder Lally ca
Jaswinder Lally
ca 4,650,000 1,060,000
Naoya Kihara jp
Naoya Kihara
jp 3,800,000 1,200,000
Brad Ruben us
Brad Ruben
us 2,300,000 -1,400,000

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