Event #3: €1,350 Mini Main Event No-Limit Hold'em

Gutyi over ElkY

poolshir • Niveau 21: 15,000-30,000, 30,000 ante

Mykhailo Gutyi raised to 60,000 from under the gun and Bertrand Grospellier defended his big blind.

They both checked through the {j-Hearts}{6-Clubs}{8-Hearts} flop and the {j-Spades} turn to the {7-Diamonds} on the river. Grospellier put in a stack of blue 5,000-value chips and Gutyi snap-called. Grospellier tabled {a-Hearts}{9-Hearts} for the pair of jacks on the board with the ace-kicker but was beaten by Gutyi's {10-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds} who had two pair to scoop the pot.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Rainer Heneka DE
Rainer Heneka
DE 1,525,000 125,000
Apostolos Chatzopoulos gr
Apostolos Chatzopoulos
gr 1,370,000 170,000
Mykhailo Gutyi ua
Mykhailo Gutyi
ua 1,060,000 -500,000
Paul Evans (UK) GB
Paul Evans (UK)
GB 870,000 444,000
Thai Ha vn
Thai Ha
vn 618,000 -462,000
Bertrand Grospellier fr
Bertrand Grospellier
fr 455,000 -400,000

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