Event #4: €250,000 Super High Roller No-Limit Hold'em

Nitsche Takes Over the Lead

zedmaster84 • Niveau 16: 250,000-500,000, 500,000 ante
Dominik Nitsche

Dominik Nitsche limped the button with the {a-Diamonds}{j-Hearts} and James Chen in the small blind raised it up to 2,500,000 with the {10-Spades}{7-Spades}, which Nitsche called. The flop brought {k-Diamonds}{7-Clubs}{2-Diamonds} and Chen made it 1,700,000 to go, Nitsche double-checked his cards and made the call.

Chen also bet the {a-Spades} turn for 4,000,000 and Nitsche called with his top pair. The {3-Diamonds} on the river brought no betting action as Nitsche checked behind and took over the lead.

Chen had been the chip leader for a while, however, losing this pot cost him the lead and Nitsche assumed control over the table.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Dominik Nitsche de
Dominik Nitsche
de 33,950,000 11,700,000
James Chen tw
James Chen
tw 24,300,000 -7,950,000

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