$10,000 Main Event [$10,000,000 GTD]

Hand #113: Sinishtaj Nearly Triples in Aces-Versus-Kings-Versus-Queens Cooler

connorrichards • Niveau 27: 50,000-100,000, 100,000 ante
Tony Sinishtaj

Alex Livingston opened to 225,000 and Michael Stembera three-bet to 550,000 on the button. Tony Tran four-bet to 1,800,000 from the small blind, and Tony Sinishtaj put in a cold five-bet jam from the big blind.

Stembera six-bet jammed and Tran tanked for a few minutes before folding {q-}{q-} face-up.

Tony Sinishtaj: {a-Spades}{a-Clubs}
Michael Stembera: {k-Spades}{k-Hearts}

It was a monumental cooler in favor of Sinishtaj and his aces held up as the board ran out {7-Clubs}{8-Hearts}{j-Clubs}{6-Spades}{j-Spades} to ship the massive pot his way.

"What's with these coolers?!" Tran complained as Sinishtaj raked in the pot.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Michael Stembera us
Michael Stembera
us 7,000,000 -1,525,000
Tony Sinishtaj us
Tony Sinishtaj
us 6,200,000 2,975,000
Tony Tran us
Tony Tran
us 2,000,000 -2,200,000