AU$10,600 Main Event

Seat 3 - Hamish Crawshaw (26, New Zealand), 3,640,000

Hamish Crawshaw

With the support of by far the loudest rail late on Day 4, Hamish Crawshaw saw his stack balloon to over 25% of the chips in play with two tables remaining in the Main Event. Despite dwindling somewhat, including doubling up current chip leader Mike Del Vecchio, Crawshaw has proven himself to be a tricky player at the tables.

Crawshaw has five cashes in three years at the Aussie Millions, and this is his only his second Main Event cash since finishing 65th in 2017.

Since then he took down the Auckland Festival of Poker Main Event for close to US$40,000 and has smashed that to set a new biggest career cash here in Melbourne.

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Hamish Crawshaw nz
Hamish Crawshaw
nz 3,640,000

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