MILLIONS North Cyprus $5,300 Main Event

Yurii Senchylo Eliminated in 14th Place ($40,910)

poolshir • Niveau 29: 100,000-200,000, 200,000 ante
Yurii Senchylo

Feature Table

Majid Kamarei raised to 425,000 from the early position and Yurii Senchylo called for the 405,000 he had behind in the big blind.

Yurii Senchylo: {5-Clubs}{4-Spades}
Majid Kamarei: {k-Clubs}{q-Spades}

The board ran out {3-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds}{9-Clubs}{10-Spades}{k-Hearts} for Kamarei to stay ahead and even improve to a pair of kings on the river to bust Senchylo in fourteenth place.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Majid Kamarei ir
Majid Kamarei
ir 7,540,000 605,000
Yurii Senchylo ua
Yurii Senchylo
ua Eliminé

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