Event #80: People's Choice Event [Pros Vote]

Idris Ambraisse Eliminated in 2nd Place ($144,998)

mnuwwarah • Niveau 46: 400,000-800,000, 100,000 ante
Ambraisse Elimination

Idris Ambraisse found a double when it looked like the tournament was about to end, turning a king to crack the {q-}{q-} of Jeffrey Dobrin with {k-}{8-}.

However, right after that, stacks went in again as Ambraisse was dealt {9-Diamonds}{9-Clubs} against {k-Clubs}{k-Diamonds}. Dobrin's kings held up on the flop, turn and river, and that was it for Event #80.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Jeffrey Dobrin us
Jeffrey Dobrin
us 60,200,000 12,200,000
Idris Ambraisse fr
Idris Ambraisse
fr Eliminé