Event #39: $3,000 Pot-Limit Omaha 6-Handed

Morrison Doubles; Winter On The Brink

• Niveau 29: 100,000-150,000, 150,000 ante
Thomas Morrison

Leonid Yanovski bet 300,000 from the cutoff with {9-Clubs}{8-Hearts}{7-Clubs}{6-Spades} and was called by Thomas Morrison on the button with {10-Clubs}{9-Spades}{7-Hearts}{7-Diamonds}.

Sean Winter in the big blind bet pot for 1,300,000, Yanovski folded, but Morrison moved all-in for 2,950,000 and was called by Winter.

The flop came {8-Clubs}{7-Spades}{4-Diamonds} to give Morrison a set of sevens. the runout of {2-Spades}{a-Spades} was no help for Winter and Morrison doubles up and Winter is left with fumes.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Thomas Morrison us
Thomas Morrison
us 6,450,000 3,650,000
Sean Winter us
Sean Winter
us 250,000 -2,850,000

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