Event #20: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em MILLIONAIRE MAKER

Bryce Yockey Eliminated in 5th Place ($317,544)

[user339872] • Niveau 36: 200,000-400,000, 50,000 ante
Bryce Yockey elimination

Hand #62: Bryce Yockey moved all in for 4,900,000 on the button. Pablo Mariz called from the big blind and was slightly ahead with {3-Hearts}{3-Clubs} vs Yockey's {K-Hearts}{10-Hearts}.

The flop came {6-Diamonds}{5-Spades}{2-Diamonds} and Mariz picked up a gut-shot straight draw to go along with his pair.

The turn was the {7-Clubs} and the river landed the {8-Hearts}, giving no help to Yockey and sending him to the rail in fifth place.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Pablo Mariz ca
Pablo Mariz
ca 31,900,000 4,900,000
Bryce Yockey us
Bryce Yockey
us Eliminé

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