Event #60: $888 Crazy Eights No-Limit Hold'em 8-Handed

Pablo Mariz Eliminated in 13th Place ($41,233)

zedmaster84 • Niveau 31: 60,000-120,000, 20,000 ante
Pablo Mariz

Pablo Mariz reached the last two tables of yet another massive field, but the Canadian won't be adding a second bracelet to his collection at the 2017 World Series of Poker.

After a button raise by [Removed:172], Michael Tureniec moved all in for 2,600,000 from the small blind and Mariz called all in for less from the big blind, while Kramer folded.

Mariz: {A-Diamonds}{K-Diamonds}
Tureniec: {A-Clubs}{A-Spades}

The board came {Q-Hearts}{7-Spades}{3-Hearts}{3-Diamonds}{Q-Diamonds} and Mariz was left drawing dead after the turn. He received $41,233 for his efforts and the field has been reduced to the last 12 hopefuls.

Joueur Jetons Progression
[Removed:172] DE
DE 6,450,000 850,000
Michael Tureniec se
Michael Tureniec
se 4,600,000 2,400,000
Pablo Mariz ca
Pablo Mariz
ca Eliminé

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