2018 World Series of Poker

Event #8: $2,500 Mixed Triple Draw Lowball
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2018 World Series of Poker

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60,000 / 120,000

Event #8: $2,500 Mixed Triple Draw Lowball

Jour 1 terminé

Turner Pursues First Bracelet as Trigeorgis Bags the Lead After Day 1 of the $2,500 Mixed Triple Draw

Niveau 10 : 1,000/2,000, 0 ante
Jon Turner
Jon Turner

It's been 13 years since Jon Turner notched his first WSOP cash in the $3,000 No-Limit Hold'em event. Turner currently boasts 57 cashes for over $1.2 million but there's one thing that's missing on his stellar CV: the elusive bracelet. He has 14 top 10 finishes to his name including three from the Circuit. Yet he's never made it to the summit.

But Turner is pushing as hard as he can as he demonstrated on Day 1 of the $2,500 Mixed Triple Draw event early on in this year's World Series. Turner navigated through the first 10 hours of play to bag 91,100, putting his name near the top of the leaderboard of the 321-strong field.

With tons of live poker experience in addition to the $8 million he's won in online tournaments, Turner will certainly be one to keep an eye on in the following stage of the tournament.

But there's an exceptionally talented field of just over 90 players who made it through, including two previous champions Chris Vitch and Jesse Martin who will both need to gain some traction early on as they're on the opposite side of the scale, having bagged crumbs.

It appeared to be George Trigeorgis who amassed the biggest stack, with 99,400 in his bag. He will be chased by many accomplished mixed game players such as Brian Hastings (77,600), Billy Baxter (71,900), Jameson Painter (61,200), James Obst (60,100), Scott Seiver (58,600), Ashton Griffin (52,400), John Monnette (49,800) and many others.

The third edition of the Mixed Triple Draw generated the largest turnout with 321 entries. The number has been inflated by the newly-established single reentry option whereas previous years have been played in the traditional freezeout format.

Two more days still remain before the name of the 2018 champion is discovered, but one thing is already set in stone: the winner will take home $180,455 and, of course, the gold.

Half of the remaining field is still destined to walk away empty-handed with 49 positions paid. Day 1 casualties who are no longer involved in the battles for the $722,250 prize pool included some of the biggest names imaginable, including Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu.

Ivey jumped into the tournament in the last minute of registration and it didn't take him long to get his chips flying around. He was downed to just 100 at one point to mount a comeback to 6,000 through a streak of doubles only to finally lose his stack in the following minutes. Benny Glaser, Dzmitry Urbanovich and Daniel Sterlitz were also eliminated from contention, to name a few unfortunate faces.

Day 2 kicks off Sunday, June 3 at 2 p.m. with the blinds of 600/1,200 and 1,200/2,400 bets. The PokerNews live reporting team will be on the ground to provide live updates so make sure you'll come back to follow the coverage.

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Day 2 Seat Draw

Niveau 10 : 1,000/2,000, 0 ante
TableSeatPlayerCountryChip Count
4261George TrigeorgisUnited States99,400
4262Mikhail SeminRussia30,800
4263Wil WilkinsonUnited States62,400
4264Brant HaleUnited States31,300
4266Shawn BuchananCanada46,000
4271Ashton GriffinUnited States52,400
4272Michael WagnerUnited States50,800
4273Jaswinder LallyCanada37,500
4274Ron WareUnited States36,900
4275Larry Scott BernsteinUnited States24,100
4276Dennis EichhornUnited States96,800
4281Nicholas JuliaUnited States83,000
4282Jorge WalkerUnited States47,600
4283Ismael BojangAustria47,500
4284Nikolai YakovenkoRussia20,000
4285Nam LeUnited States48,300
4286Michael NooriUnited States55,700
4291Joseph WagganerUnited States79,600
4292Jason RivkinUnited States18,300
4293Alex BalandinUnited States51,500
4294Damjan RadanovUnited States76,300
4295Quinn DoUnited States58,300
4296Nissen OsterneckUnited States52,700
4301Jon ShoremanUnited Kingdom53,000
4302Andrey ZhigalovRussia39,100
4303Yuebin GuoUnited States50,000
4304Jesse HamptonUnited States92,100
4305Steve SungUnited States33,700
4306Jameson PainterUnited States61,200
4311Nicholas PupilloUnited States62,800
4312Tai NguyenUnited States11,400
4313John MonnetteUnited States49,800
4314James WoodsUnited States10,900
4315Frank KasselaUnited States50,500
4316Jerry WongUnited States44,500
4351Luis VeladorUnited States34,500
4352Kristan LordUnited States76,200
4353Jermaine ReidUnited States27,600
4354Jason RiesenbergUnited States37,600
4355Carlos RodriguezUnited States41,000
4356Brian HastingsUnited States77,600
4361Stephen BuchananUnited States38,400
4362Aron DermerUnited States40,000
4363Christopher VitchUnited States12,400
4364Frank MuirUnited States50,000
4365Randy OhelUnited States52,700
4366Michael SchmitzGermany50,000
4371Johannes BeckerGermany20,600
4372James ObstAdelaide, AU60,100
4373Terry JenningsUnited States39,500
4374Jordan SiegelUnited States73,800
4375Timothy McdermottUnited States63,100
4376Chris FergusonUnited States21,400
4381Brian SchwartzUnited States30,500
4382Bradley HelmUnited States20,000
4383Illya TrincherUnited States29,900
4384David MoskowitzUnited States35,000
4385Yosuke SekiyaJapan9,800
4386Joseph MandiaUnited States9,500
4391Gerald RingeUnited Kingdom15,200
4392Paul VolpeUnited States25,300
4393Billy BaxterUnited States71,900
4394Mike LeahCanada44,200
4395Chris KlodnickiUnited States39,500
4396Dan ShakUnited States48,100
4431Scott SeiverUnited States58,600
4432Adam OwenUnited Kingdom38,200
4433Mike WattelUnited States25,500
4434John HenniganUnited States30,000
4435Jason BerilgenUnited States61,400
4436Nicholas ReisUnited States3,100
4441Eli ElezraUnited States27,000
4442Yueqi ZhuChina32,600
4443Perry GreenUnited States15,400
4444Tom McCormickUnited States55,000
4445Shaun DeebUnited States46,100
4446Michael ChowUnited States49,800
4451Bryce YockeyUnited States62,400
4452Timothy BatowUnited States16,900
4453Jon TurnerUnited States91,100
4454Mike EpsteinUnited States40,300
4455Kyle MiasoUnited States1,200
4456Calvin AndersonUnited States17,200
4461Todd BrunsonUnited States11,700
4462Richard MonroeUnited States17,500
4463Aleksandr SimmaUnited States73,300
4464Jesse MartinUnited States9,400
4465David "ODB" BakerUnited States42,900
4466Anton SmirnovRussia45,800
4471Lawrence BergUnited States11,900
4472Ricardo ManzoUnited States40,200
4473Ralph RuddUnited States19,900
4474Lars GronningUnited States23,000
4475Gary GromUnited States27,500
4476Chip JettUnited States40,200

End of Day 1 Counts (complet)

Niveau 10 : 1,000/2,000, 0 ante
Joueur Jetons Progression
George Trigeorgis us
George Trigeorgis
99,400 400
Day 1A Chip Leader
Dennis Eichhorn us
Dennis Eichhorn
96,800 96,800
Jesse Hampton us
Jesse Hampton
92,100 92,100
Jon Turner us
Jon Turner
91,100 1,100
Nicholas Julia us
Nicholas Julia
83,000 83,000
WSOP 1X Winner
Joe Wagganer us
Joe Wagganer
79,600 79,600
Brian Hastings us
Brian Hastings
77,600 41,600
WSOP 6X Winner
Damjan Radanov us
Damjan Radanov
76,300 76,300
Kristan Lord us
Kristan Lord
76,200 76,200
Jordan Siegel us
Jordan Siegel
Aleksandr Simma us
Aleksandr Simma
73,300 73,300
Billy Baxter us
Billy Baxter
71,900 48,900
WSOP 7X Winner
Poker Hall of Famer
Timothy Mcdermott us
Timothy Mcdermott
63,100 63,100
Nicholas Pupillo us
Nicholas Pupillo
62,800 62,800
Wil Wilkinson us
Wil Wilkinson
62,400 62,400
Bryce Yockey us
Bryce Yockey
62,400 -5,600
WSOP 1X Winner
Jason Berilgen us
Jason Berilgen
61,400 200
Jameson Painter us
Jameson Painter
61,200 6,200
James Obst au
James Obst
60,100 20,100
WSOP 1X Winner
Scott Seiver us
Scott Seiver
58,600 -1,400
WSOP 4X Winner
Quinn Do us
Quinn Do
58,300 58,300
WSOP 2X Winner
Michael Noori us
Michael Noori
55,700 55,700
WSOP 1X Winner
Tom McCormick us
Tom McCormick
55,000 55,000
Jon Shoreman gb
Jon Shoreman
53,000 53,000
Nissen Osterneck us
Nissen Osterneck
52,700 52,700

Lire Plus

Israelashvili Survives

Niveau 10 : 1,000/2,000, 0 ante

A-5 Triple Draw

Roland Israelashvili moved all in for 1,300 on the button and got action from both blinds. He drew one after his foes took two apiece. They checked and draws repeated. This time, the big blind bet and took the side pot. He still needed a card and Israelashvili tanked a good while before patting.

Israelashvili rolled over {10-}{6-}{5-}{2-}{a-} and was fading a fair chunk of cards as his opponent showed {7-}{5-}{2-}{a-}. The last card was the {a-Clubs} though, keeping Israelashvili alive with crumbs.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Roland Israelashvili us
Roland Israelashvili

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Savage Bluff from ODB

Niveau 10 : 1,000/2,000, 0 ante

A-5 Triple Draw

We only arrived to see the action on the river where David "ODB" Baker bet and last year's Poker Players' Championship runner-up Johannes Becker raised. Baker, however, showed some heart and three-bet. Becker let his hand go and Baker didn't hesitate:

"Aaaah, yes!" Baker said, showing {6-}{6-}{3-}{2-}{A-} for a well-executed bluff.

The players at the table revealed that Becker patted his hand pre-draw, emphasizing Baker's gutsy move.

Joueur Jetons Progression
David "ODB" Baker us
David "ODB" Baker
50,000 -6,000
WSOP 3X Winner
Johannes Becker de
Johannes Becker
30,000 -10,000
WSOP 1X Winner

Tags: David "ODB" BakerJohannes Becker

Kessler Pat But Check-Folds

Niveau 10 : 1,000/2,000, 0 ante


Todd Brunson and Allen Kessler checked out of the blinds and Mike Leah bet after the second draw. Brunson folded but Kessler stuck around. Both players patted, with Leah thinking awhile before doing so. The last action saw Kessler check and Leah bet. Kessler double-checked his holding and mucked.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Mike Leah ca
Mike Leah
46,000 -12,000
WSOP 1X Winner
Allen Kessler us
Allen Kessler
16,000 3,000

Tags: Allen KesslerMike Leah

Owen Sinking Late

Niveau 10 : 1,000/2,000, 0 ante

2-7 Triple Draw

Adam Owen bet after the second draw and got raised. He called and his opponent was pat, with Owen taking one. Owen check-called a final bet and couldn't beat {7-}{6-}{5-}{3-}{2-}. He turned over what looked like a seven-six of his own but it was quickly in the muck before we could see the rest of the cards.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Adam Owen gb
Adam Owen
30,000 -19,500

Tags: Adam Owen

Martin Gets a Vital Double

Niveau 10 : 1,000/2,000, 0 ante

2-7 Triple Draw

Jesse Martin was on a nub and while he's still far away from a comfort zone, he made the first step to come back and restored his chances to defend his title.

Martin was in the big blind, calling a raise from Nick Pupillo. He took two while Pupillo discarded three. Martin led out and Pupillo called. Martin now drew only one but Pupillo still needed to change three.

Martin bet again and Pupillo saw that he had only 100 more so he put him all-in. Martin called and changed one while Pupillo patted his jack-nine. Martin drew successfully as he rolled over eight-high to seal the double.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Jesse Martin us
Jesse Martin
10,700 -17,300
Defending Champion
WSOP 2X Winner

Tags: Jesse MartinNick Pupillo