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2019 World Series of Poker Europe

Event #9: €1,650 Pot-Limit Omaha/No-Limit Hold'em Mix
Jours 2
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2019 World Series of Poker Europe

Main Gagnante
Event Info
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60,000 / 120,000

Event #9: €1,650 Pot-Limit Omaha/No-Limit Hold'em Mix

Jour 2 a débuté

Day 2 Seat Draw

TableSeatPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
801Mustafa BizTurkey110,50037
802Aaron DuczakCanada136,00045
803Egor TerekhinRussia41,00014
804Martin KuryGermany195,00065
805Erik CajelaisCanada214,00071
806Sandeep ChatlaniIndia67,00022
807Harout GhazarianCanada365,000122
808Adam LamphereUnited States87,50029
811Arto LoikkanenFinland134,00045
812Matthew BeckNew Zealand101,50034
813William ChattawayUnited Kingdom268,00089
814Ankit AhujaIndia376,500126
815Tomas Martim Dias Queiroz RibeiroPortugal74,50025
816Dennis MartinGermany80,00027
817Chris FergusonUnited States179,00060
818Robert KaggerudNorway55,50019
821Michal WozniakPoland92,50031
822Krzysztof JaguscikPoland24,5008
823Fabian GumzGermany104,50035
824Shaun DeebUnited States234,00078
825Paul HendeeUnited States340,000113
826Carlo SavinelliItaly63,50021
827Jeff CormierCanada208,00069
828Jonas KronwitterGermany138,00046
831Maksim PisarenkoRussia174,00058
832Siarhei ChudapalBelarus107,00036
833Roland IsraelashviliUnited States99,00033
834Jeff MadsenUnited States238,50080
835Kasparas KlezysLithuania59,00020
836Christopher HowdenUnited Kingdom14,5005
837Jakob MadsenDenmark138,00046
838Shahaf NacsonIsrael436,000145
941Zhong ChenNetherlands187,00062
942Quan ZhouChina327,000109
943Steven HeronUnited Kingdom48,00016
944Mihai NisteRomania77,50026
945Dragos TrofimovItaly161,00054
946Alexandre ViardFrance250,00083
947Kristoffer RasmussenDenmark78,50026
948Robert CowenUnited Kingdom123,50041
951Denis DrobinaRomania65,00022
952Nikola CokesaSlovenia132,50044
953Paresh DoshiUnited Kingdom100,50034
954Daniel NegreanuUnited States85,00028
955Jeff LisandroItaly287,00096
956Daniel EzekielUnited Kingdom218,00073
957Paulius VaitiekunasLithuania37,50013
958Ismael BojangAustria169,50057
961Steffen DoDenmark203,00068
962Asi MosheIsrael291,50097
963Ming Juen TeohMalaysia68,50023
964Tomasz PanekPoland102,50034
965Sam HiggsAustralia81,50027
966Patrick PetermairAustria44,50015
967Oleg PavlyuchukRussia286,00095
968Abelardo HafauriVenezuela131,50044

A Winner Will Be Crowned in Event #9: €1,650 Pot-Limit Omaha/No-Limit Hold'em Mix!

Jeff Lisandro
Jeff Lisandro

The action is set to resume at 2 p.m for Day 2 of Event #9: €1,650 Pot-Limit Omaha/No-Limit Hold'em Mix inside the Poker Arena at King's Resort in Rozvadov. There will be 56 players returning to the felt with Shahaf Nacson leading them all, bringing 436,000 chips with him.

The field returning for Day 2 contains some of the best mixed game players in WSOP history and announces plenty of action, including multiple bracelet-winners Jeff Lisandro (287,000), Jeff Madsen (238,500), Asi Moshe (292,500), Chris Ferguson (179,000) and Daniel Negreanu (85,000).

Shaun Deeb, the new leader at the top of the WSOP Player of the Year leaderboard, bagged a nice 234,000 and will be looking for another deep run in this event. Other notables still on Day 2 are Quan Zhou (327,000), Erik Cajelais (214,000), Ismael Bojang (169,500), Roland Israleshvili (99,000) and Samuel Higgs (81,500).

With 56 players remaining and with 42 being paid, the early stages will no doubt be cautious as players battle to cash in this event, who attracted a total of 279 entries yesterday, 38 more than last year, to create a prizepool of €418,500 and a nice €97,365 payday for the new champion.

As yesterday, the levels will last 40 minutes with 15-minute breaks every three levels or color-ups. There will be a 60-minute break after level 23, which should be around 8.30 p.m. The plan is to play down to a winner.

The PokerNews live reporting team will be here to bring you all of the action until a winner is crowned.

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Niveau: 15

Blinds: 1,500/3,000

Ante: 3,000

Early Double Ups

Niveau 15 : 1,500/3,000, 3,000 ante

No-Limit Hold'em

Two players risked their tournament lives early into Day 2 and they both managed to double up.

At first, Krzysztof Jaguscik was found all in with {a-Hearts}{k-Hearts} against Fabian Gumz who was holding {a-Clubs}{j-Clubs}. The board ran out {a-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds}{5-Clubs}{4-Hearts}{9-Clubs} and Jaguscik held his lead to stay in.

At the same time, Christopher Howden was all in with {a-Clubs}{j-Clubs} against Jakob Madsen's {a-Diamonds}{k-Hearts}. Almost same hands is in the other hand, but a different result, since the dealer opened {10-Hearts}{3-Spades}{k-Spades}{q-Diamonds}{8-Spades} on the board to give a straight to Howden.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Jakob Madsen dk
Jakob Madsen
123,000 -15,000
Fabian Gumz de
Fabian Gumz
80,000 -24,500
Krzysztof Jaguscik pl
Krzysztof Jaguscik
63,000 38,500
Christopher Howden gb
Christopher Howden
37,500 23,000

Tags: Christopher HowdenFabian GumzJakob MadsenKrzysztof Jaguscik

Haufauri Takes Big from Panek

Niveau 15 : 1,500/3,000, 3,000 ante

No-Limit Holdem

Tomasz Panek raised to 7,000 under the gun and Abelardo Hafauri called in the cutoff along with Ming Juen Teoh in the blinds.

The flop gave {2-Diamonds}{2-Clubs}{5-Clubs} and it checked to Hafauri who bet 10,000. Only Panek called. The same action happened on the {9-Diamonds} turn, this time for 20,000.`

When the {5-Diamonds}, Panek checked again and faced a third barrel from Hafauri for 25,000. Oanek tanked for some time and called but only to muck as Hafauri tabled {a-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds} for the nut flush.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Abelardo Hafauri ve
Abelardo Hafauri
192,000 60,500
Ming Juen Teoh my
Ming Juen Teoh
59,000 -9,500
Tomasz Panek pl
Tomasz Panek
48,000 -54,500

Tags: Ming Juen TeohTomasz Panek

Viard Takes From Zhou

Niveau 15 : 1,500/3,000, 3,000 ante

No-Limit Holdem

In a raised pot, the flop read {a-Hearts}{a-Clubs}{5-Diamonds} and Alexandre Viard check-called a bet for 6,500 from Quan Zhou situated on the button.

On the {2-Spades}, both players checked and the {4-Diamonds} came on the river. Viard led out for 12,000 and Zhou let it go.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Quan Zhou cn
Quan Zhou
305,000 -22,000
Alexandre Viard fr
Alexandre Viard
271,000 21,000

Tags: Alexandre ViardQuan Zhou

Loikkanen Out in Two Hands

Niveau 15 : 1,500/3,000, 3,000 ante
Arto Loikkanen
Arto Loikkanen

Pot-Limit Omaha

In the first of two hands, it folded to Arto Loikkanen who raised to 7,000 on the button and called a three-bet from Matthew Beck in the small blind.

The flop gave {10-Clubs}{6-Clubs}{10-Spades} and things heated quickly as Beck fired 54,000 and Loikkanen raised, putting Beck at risk for stack worth 81,000. Beck called to reveal the following showdown:

Matthew Beck: {k-Hearts}{10-Hearts}{k-Spades}{3-Spades}
Arto Loikkanen: {a-Clubs}{j-Diamonds}{8-Clubs}{6-Diamonds}

Loikkanen didn't hit on the {7-Hearts} turn and {j-Clubs} river and was left with a stack around 22,000 after that hand.

A few moments later, Loikkanen was all in with {6-Clubs}{6-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds} and was against {k-Hearts}{k-Spades}{8-Diamonds}{6-Spades} for Ankit Ahuka, who improved his hand into a set of kings to eliminate Loikkanen.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Ankit Ahuja in
Ankit Ahuja
405,000 28,500
Matthew Beck nz
Matthew Beck
235,000 133,500
Arto Loikkanen fi
Arto Loikkanen

Tags: Arto Loikkanen

One Pot Each for Teoh and Moshe

Niveau 15 : 1,500/3,000, 3,000 ante

Pot-Limit Omaha

Two hands between Ming Juen Teoh and Asi Moshe, one pot for each of them in the four-card format. In the first one, Moshe opened to 8,000 from the small blind and Teoh three-bet the pot to 35,000 having only 16,000 behind him. Moshe potted and Teoh called.

Asi Moshe: {9-Clubs}{8-Spades}{7-Spades}{4-Clubs}
Ming Juen Teoh: {k-Spades}{k-Hearts}{q-Hearts}{6-Clubs}

The board was looking {10-Spades}{7-Clubs}{4-Spades}{9-Diamonds} until the board and Teoh was close to the end of his day. The {k-Diamonds} on the river kept him alive as he doubled up.

A couple of hands later, Moshe took some of his chips back, when he opened from early position to 10,500 and Teoh was the only caller, on his left.

The flop came {6-Hearts}{6-Spades}{4-Spades} and Teoh called a bet for 11,500.

The {5-Hearts} came on the turn and this time Moshe bet 24,000, prompting Teoh to fold.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Asi Moshe il
Asi Moshe
375,000 83,500
WSOP 4X Winner
Ming Juen Teoh my
Ming Juen Teoh
54,000 -5,000

Tags: Asi MosheMing Juen Teoh