Main Event

Not a Good Day for Lithuania

Jaxon • Niveau 15: 1,500-3,000, 400 ante
Nikita Staroverov (compliments of Caroline Darcourt)

It seemed like Lithuania was all over the place leading into Day 2, however both Paulius Cerniauskas and Nikita Staroverov makes it five Lithuanians to finish before the money. Staroverov is the biggest upset not to make the money in the entire tournament as he not only finished Day 1c as the chip leader, but also entered Day 2 in third place with 247,300 chips.

Also finishing shy of the money were Steven Prouteau, Hanane El Mahaoud, and Cyril Fabre.

Joueur Jetons Progression
Nikita Staroverov LT
Nikita Staroverov
LT Eliminé
Paulius Cerniauskas LT
Paulius Cerniauskas
LT Eliminé
Steven Prouteau fr
Steven Prouteau
fr Eliminé
Hanane El Mahaoud MA
Hanane El Mahaoud
MA Eliminé
Cyril Fabre FR
Cyril Fabre
FR Eliminé

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